2011-03-27 14:16

We are back in the studio right now for a new record – out 2055 or so.

This is one of our test-recordings to shorten the waiting:

Husband Dead Mix 2 by TRQ [remixed]

* * *

A little Christmas gift

2010-12-24 13:06

Hey you people,

it was a wonderful year including a great release party and a lot of inspiring gigs. Hope the next year will become even more eventful. We will see …

To give you something back from all we received by you, the great, great RXTBLS made an astonishing remix of Moonlight Smile. Download it here for free.

We wish you relaxing and danceable days.


* * *

Brand new EP!

2010-09-20 11:00

We are very happy to announce our brand new ‘only digital’-release!!!

Our first EP “Songs for the french” is now remixed by various artists. And it is all free for you – leave your email adress for our newsletter and you can download all songs for free.

Thanks to Mr.Trycorder, Tjajajan, The Ruxtables and Nosral Flow for their great sound.

<a href="">Remixes &#8211; Songs for the french by The Roskinski Quartett</a>

* * *

Popkomm Showcase

2010-09-12 21:30

View some Photos

* * *

Live in Wolfsburg/Hallenbad

2010-08-06 10:57

A new and unreleased song played at the release tour 2010 in Wolfsburg. Thanx to Daniel for sending us the recording. – If anybody has more live-recordings of us, don`t hesitate to contact us.

* * *