Baby Baby

2013-02-08 10:13

This is a song from our forthcoming EP ROSKOW, we are very excited about the release on March 15th. Stay tuned at Facebook for more surprises once a week.

Love, TRQ

* * *

New photographs 2013

2013-02-04 17:00

Thanks to Lutz Pape we’ve got some new photos of us. The release of Roskow is getting closer!

* * *

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

2013-01-03 18:03

We wish you all the best in 2013.

This will be a great year for us, too. Here is why:

  • The mixing of our new record is done.
  • Mastering will be on January 8th.
  • Production will be soon after.
  • Our friend is doing some spendid surprises for you.
  • We schedule some gigs in March.
  • The release-date will be March 15th, 2013!

Stay tuned to TRQ.

* * *

Recording session

2012-06-21 11:52

We are back from our recording session at an old train station in Roskow. It was a great time and we are very excited about the new songs. Be patient …

You can see some more images @ facebook

Love, TRQ

* * *

Live Video – In Circles

2011-11-05 21:19

Thank you for a great time in Hamburg.
Fritz B., thank you for your support and this great video.

* * *